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Tilt Indicator

Tilt indicator is applied to the packaging and provides evidence of mishandling if the shipment is tilted. Provides undeniable evidence of mishandling. As a visual reminder to handle with care as carriers know the package is being monitored.

If mishandling occurs during the delivery process, a display window in the middle of Leaning Label I will activate and change from silver to red, which handlers can easily tell the goods have been improperly transported, ensuring the integrity of the goods.


  • Provides indisputable evidence of tipping in excess of 80°
  • Reduce product damage and loss incurred during transportation
  • Protect fragile, sensitive or calibrated goods while in-transit
  • Alert carriers that careful handling is mandatory – visual deterrent
  • Enhance image with customer, restores faith in your ability to delivery product safely


Chosen Asia Pte Ltd is the importer / exporter and preferred marketing partner in Singapore for our principal, Shock Indicator Enterprise Co Ltd. The Tilt and Shock Indicator products are SGS Taiwan certified.

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